Seeinteracting Sound Spaces

Seeinteracting Sound Space represents another amazing and important project testifying how endless the combinatorial possibilities between dance, music and technology can be. Specifically, we would like to convey the incredible interaction between the dancer and the cellist: these two figures in fact, thanks to the dedicated software developed by our sound engineers, are able to merge melody and movements in a real-time fashion.

Dancer and musician are part an ever changing play based on the unpredictability of improvisation and on decisions taken while the performance time flows.

Seeinteracting Sound Space is about the Hic et Nunc, that moment full of poignancy where everything can happen.

First performance:
“Edition XIII of Live Performance Meeting (LPM)” – Rome 2013 –


Music and cello: Maurizio Massarelli

Interactive Design & Live Electronics: Marco Bertola, Daniele Olevano

Choreography and Dance: Livia Massarelli

Engineering: Marco Bertola, Gianluca Susi, Emiliano Daddario