Folies de Seeinteracting

Folies de Seeinteracting beautifully represents how 3D motion capture techniques could be combined with music and dance. This project has been specifically developed for the occasion of the International Performing arts festival in Terni. The aim of this technology is to cast a new light on either music and dance, creating a uniquely strong linkage between the two elements. It is worth pointing up that dancing does not follow a predefined music track. Instead, the choreography actively modifies and enhances sounds, generating the fundamental conditions required for a recursive, reciprocal interaction between sound and gesture. On top of that, the performance gets enriched by the spontaneity of improvisation, which regards both music and dance.

Historically, the origin of this performance derives from the ancient Iberian dance, also known as the so-called “follia”, which was indeed particularly widespread at the end of the XV and XVI centuries.


Commissioned by “Associazione Filarmonica Umbra”

First performance:
“International performing arts festival” – Terni 2016 –

Selected as one of the top 20 performance of 2016 by the Region of Lazio within the framework of the “Lazio Creativo”  programme and included in the book “100 Stories of creativity


Music and cello: Maurizio Massarelli

Interactive Design & Live Electronics: Marco Bertola

Choreography: Livia Massarelli

Engineering: Gianluca Susi, Marco Bertola

Dancers: Margherita Costantini, Francesca Formisano

Architect: Margherita Costanza Salvini

Visuals: Zephyr Visual Project (Marco Artibani)